Monday, March 22, 2010

Complete list of 2010 comp picks

As expected, the NFL announced the compensatory picks today. I got 21 correct and was off by one round on five more. I'm not counting Tampa Bay's net value comp pick in the seventh round as a correct projection, because I projected it to be a non-compensatory seventh-rounder. (To see the projections I posted on March 8, click here.) I'll provide an analysis of this year's comp picks as soon as I can.

Here are the 2010 compensatory draft picks, along with the qualifying players signed and lost for each team that received a comp pick --

3 33-96 Cincinnati
3 34-97 Tennessee
3 35-98 Atlanta
4 33-131 Cincinnati
5 33-164 Pittsburgh
5 34-165 Atlanta
5 35-166 Pittsburgh
5 36-167 Minnesota
5 37-168 San Diego
5 38-169 Green Bay
6 33-202 Carolina
6 34-203 Jacksonville
6 35-204 Carolina
6 36-205 New England
6 37-206 San Francisco
6 38-207 Tennessee
7 33-240 Indianapolis
7 34-241 Tennessee
7 35-242 Pittsburgh
7 36-243 Philadelphia
7 37-244 Philadelphia
7 38-245 Seattle
7 39-246 Indianapolis
7 40-247 New England
7 41-248 New England
7 42-249 Carolina
7 43-250 New England
7 44-251 Oakland (net value)
7 45-252 Miami (net value)
7 46-253 Tampa Bay (net value)
7 47-254 St. Louis (non-compensatory)
7 48-255 Detroit (non-compensatory)

And here are the official qualifying players for each team that received a true comp pick or net-value comp pick --


Lost: Michael Boley, Keith Brooking, Domonique Foxworth, Grady Jackson

Signed: Mike Peterson, Brett Romberg


Lost: Geoff Hangartner, Mark Jones, Frank Omiyale


Lost: Stacy Andrews, Ryan Fitzpatrick, T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Signed: J.T. O’Sullivan


Lost: Colin Cole


Lost: Darrell Reid, Hunter Smith


Lost: Khalif Barnes, Mike Peterson, Gerald Sensabaugh

Signed: Sean Considine, Tra Thomas


Lost: Andre’ Goodman, Renaldo Hill

Signed: Joe Berger, Jake Grove


Lost: Matt Birk, Darren Sharper

Signed: Karl Paymah


Lost: Heath Evans, Jabar Gaffney, Larry Izzo, LaMont Jordan, Lonie Paxton

Signed: Brandon McGowan


Lost: Jake Grove

Signed: Khalif Barnes


Lost: Correll Buckhalter, Sean Considine, Brian Dawkins, L.J. Smith, Tra Thomas

Signed: Stacy Andrews, Sean Jones, Leonard Weaver


Lost: Byron Leftwich, Bryant McFadden, Nate Washington


Lost: Mike Goff, Igor Olshansky

Signed: Kevin Burnett


Lost: Ronald Fields, Bryant Johnson, J.T. O’Sullivan, Donald Strickland

Signed: Demetric Evans, Brandon Jones, Moran Norris


Lost: Rocky Bernard, Maurice Morris, Leonard Weaver, Floyd Womack

Signed: Colin Cole, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, John Owens


Lost: Phillip Buchanon, Jovan Haye

Signed: Byron Leftwich, Derrick Ward


Lost: Chris Carr, Albert Haynesworth, Brandon Jones, Eric King, Daniel Loper, Chris Simms

Signed: Jovan Haye, Mark Jones, Nate Washington


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Tennessee didn't get the 1st comp pick with Haynesworth. Was his contract not the most valued?

AdamJT13 said...

Apparently not. I mentioned this in my most recent post. I'll take a closer look at his contract and see if something in it might not have counted in the formula.

FCBolt said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks to me that, based on compensatory picks awarded, the minimum cutoff value to get a 3rd round compensatory in 2009 was $5.94 million and the maximum was $6.5 million. In 2010, the minimum was 6.59 (Andrews 6.58 rated a 4th round comp). Therefore the cutoff value went UP, as expected.

Using similar logic for the cutoff value for the 6th, the minimum value to get in in 2009 was 2.6 million (because Marques Douglas' 2.525 got SF a 7th), but this year, 2.5 million got you into the 6th.

Is it possible the cutoff value for the 6th went down while for the 3rd went up?

Crazy stuff....

AdamJT13 said...


Stacy Andrews' contract value for the formula was closer to $6 million, and playing time also is a factor.

Using my simulation of the formula, the value for the lowest sixth-rounder awarded this season was higher than that for Marques Douglas last year, but not by much. The same holds true for the lowest qualifier this year (Larry Izzo) and the lowest qualifier last year (Aaron Glenn). In fact, at first glance, the cutoff points might not have gone up at all.

Xaviermw said...

Big surprise that the dolphins were awarded a net value pick. Why do you think they were awarded one?

AdamJT13 said...


They got a net-value comp pick instead of a sixth-round comp pick because Joe Berger qualified as a player signed. The fact that Berger qualified left them with two players lost and two players signed, rather than two lost and one signed. I didn't think the difference in net values would be great enough to warrant a net-value pick if Berger qualified, but it was.