Monday, March 22, 2010

Comp picks appear to be out

There are reports of some teams receiving their comp picks today. If the report of the Bengals' comp picks is true, it looks as though Laveranues Coles did not count in the equation.

I'll post more when I find the complete list.

UPDATE: Those reported so far are a third and a fourth for Cincinnati, a third and a fifth for Atlanta and a seventh for Tampa Bay (likely a non-compensatory pick).

MORE UPDATES: Also reported are a third for Tennessee, a sixth and three sevenths for New England, two sixths and a seventh for Carolina (which means that Mark Jones did qualify), and two fifths and a seventh for Pittsburgh.

It looks like the cutoff points for qualifying and for the rounds increased by less than I projected.


Anonymous said...

Patriots getting a 6th must mean that Jabar Gaffney was a 6th round value rather than a 7th. The three other 7th round picks were as expected, for Lonnie Paxton, Heathe Evans and LaMont Jordan.

AdamJT13 said...

You are correct. The cutoff points for everything went up by less than I projected.