Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Comp pick projections coming soon

Many people have wondered when I will post my final projections for the 2010 compensatory picks. I am in the process of finalizing those now. That process consists of verifying all of my information for this year's qualifying players and re-verifying certain information for previous years' qualifying players and comp picks, which were used to help project the values for this year's picks. Once I have verified all of this information and I am satisfied that the projections are the best I can do, all that's left is to write up the explanation of my projections and all other possible scenarios for this year's comp picks. At this point, I am hoping to post my final projections no later than March 9.


Anonymous said...

This is ATLJBO

Cool.... I cant wait to read your projections

I am hoping that the Falcons will get a 3rd,5th, and 7th round pick...

Can i get a

Anonymous said...

Thanks, and best of luck on continued prognostic success and referrals to your high-quality work.

Funny that the first two comments are from Falcons fans...I think Foxworth just misses the cut for 3rd round (though I'd love to be wrong) and Falcons get 4th, 5th, 7th. We'll see...I had thought Peterson had been cut, which meant he would not have offset Brooking, but as usual, AdamJT13's information was better, so I'm simply hoping Dimitroff gets the three extra picks (partly recouping those dealt for Gonzalez and Hill).

Falcon Pride!

Frank Moore said...

Excellent! Looking forward to it as always!