Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comparing projected comp picks to the actual results

Here's how my projections compare to the actual compensatory picks announced by the NFL (correct projections highlighted in green, projections missed by one round in yellow; CLICK THE CHART FOR A LARGER VERSION) —

As you can see, other than the Steelers' curious fifth-round comp pick and a flip-flop of the San Francisco and New England fifth-round picks, I had the correct order of picks through the early seventh round. The order got a little jumbled in the middle of the seventh, even though I had most of the picks correct, so I'll have to try to figure out what happened there.

Thanks for all of the questions in the comments here. I will answer all of them, hopefully by tomorrow. Any other questions or thoughts are welcome, as well.


Anonymous said...

any idea which players the Jags and Bengals final 7th round comps were for?


AdamJT13 said...

Cincinnati's was for Alex Stepanovich, and Jacksonville's was for Aaron Glenn.

In my projections, I listed them as players I didn't think would qualify, but I said what would happen if they did qualify.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing that Stepanovich and Glenn averaged around 0.8 million. That doesn't seem right though...were they more up around the 1.1 million area?


AdamJT13 said...

Glenn got $870,000 for one season. His contract even qualified for the minimum salary benefit.

Stepanovich got a two-year contract for $1.8 million, which is an average of $900,000 per season.