Friday, January 8, 2010

Early comp pick projections for 2010, Part VI

The penultimate post in my series explaining the compensatory pick possibilities for each team takes a look at the remaining teams in the AFC South.

Click here to review the Unrestricted Free Agents lost and signed by each team during the qualifying period of the 2009 offseason.

Click here to read why Houston will not get any comp picks this year.

Indianapolis — The Colts did not sign any qualifying players. They should receive a seventh-round comp pick for the loss of Darrell Reid and possibly a seventh-rounder for the loss of Hunter Smith, if he qualifies.

Jacksonville — The Jaguars signed two players who will qualify and lost two players who definitely will qualify and one (Khalif Barnes) who likely will qualify. If Barnes does qualify as a player lost, the Jaguars should receive a sixth-round comp pick for Mike Peterson. If Barnes does not qualify, the Jaguars will not get a comp pick.

Tennessee — The Titans lost six players who will qualify, including the highest-valued player who qualifies, Albert Haynesworth. They signed two players who will qualify and one (Mark Jones) who is on the bubble. They will get the highest third-round comp pick for Haynesworth and either two or three other comp picks, depending on whether Jones qualifies. The Titans' other comp picks should be in the seventh round, but one has an outside chance of being in the sixth round.

The final installment will cover the remaining AFC West teams — San Diego, Oakland and Kansas City.

Previous posts covered a handful of the teams who will not receive a comp pick, the NFC East and NFC North, the NFC South and NFC West, the AFC East and the AFC North.

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