Monday, December 21, 2009

Early comp pick projections for 2010, Part III

The third post of my series explaining at the compensatory pick possibilities for each team takes a look at the remaining teams in the NFC South and NFC West.

Click here to read why the other teams in the NFC South and NFC West won't get any comp picks in 2010.

Click here to review the Unrestricted Free Agents lost and signed by each team during the qualifying period of the 2009 offseason.

Atlanta — The Falcons lost four qualifying players and signed either one or two. They should receive a third- or fourth-round pick for losing Dominique Foxworth and a fifth or sixth for losing Michael Boley. If Brett Romberg does not qualify, the Falcons also will receive a pick as compensation for losing Grady Jackson, likely in the seventh round.

Carolina — The Panthers didn't sign any qualifying players, so they will receive a comp pick for each qualifying player lost. They should get a fifth or sixth for Geoff Hangartner and a sixth or seventh for Frank Omiyale. There is a small chance that Mark Jones also will qualify. If so, the Panthers would get a seventh for him.

Tampa Bay — The Buccaneers will not get a comp pick. They lost only two qualifying players, and they signed either three or four.

Arizona — The Cardinals could get a third- or fourth-round pick, or they could get nothing. They lost one player who definitely will qualify and signed one player who definitely will qualify. The question is whether Terrelle Smith will count as a player lost and whether Jason Wright will count as a player signed. At this point, I would project that both of them will qualify based on their contract values, leaving the Cardinals with no comp picks. If Wright qualfies and Smith doesn't, they wouldn't get a comp pick, either. But if Smith qualifies and Wright doesn't, the Cardinals would get a third- or fourth-round pick as compensation for losing Antonio Smith.

San Francisco — The 49ers should get one comp pick, with a very small chance that they'll get two. They signed three players who qualify and lost four who qualify and one who is on the bubble but almost certainly will not qualify. Their comp pick would be in the sixth or seventh round, most likely the seventh. If they do get a second comp pick, it would be in the seventh.

Seattle — Any comp picks the Seahawks get will be in the seventh round. The only question is how many. They signed two players who will qualify and one who might qualify. They lost three players who will qualify and two who might. The various combinations of John Owens qualifying as a player signed, Bobby Engram qualifying as a player lost and/or Floyd Womack qualifying as a player lost could result in the Seahawks getting one, two or even three seventh-round comp picks.


Chris Sullivan said...

Great stuff as always; no compensatory pick for the Seahawks for losing Pro-Bowler Leonard Weaver?

AdamJT13 said...

The Seahawks will get at least one comp pick and possibly as many as three. Weaver is one of the players they lost who has a seventh-round comp value, so one of their comp picks could be for him. The final values and exactly who else qualifies (between John Owens, Bobby Engram and Floyd Womack) will determine whether they get a comp pick for Weaver or whether his loss is canceled out by the signing of Colin Cole or Owens.

Anonymous said...

As you see it the Giants will get NO comp picks??

AdamJT13 said...

That is correct. The Giants signed more qualifying players they lost, so they will not get a comp pick.

Anonymous said...

Good read.. Thanks..

The Falcons also lost Kieth Brooking...... Nothing for him?..

AdamJT13 said...

The loss of Brooking was canceled out by the signing of Mike Peterson (based on their values in the formula, not the position they play).

Anonymous said...

Scar98 took a shot at projecting comp picks.... What do you think about his projection

Round 3
Tennessee Titans - Albert Haynesworth
Cincinnati Bengals - T.J. Houshmandzadeh
Atlanta Falcons - Domonique Foxworth

Round 4

Round 5
Pittsburgh Steelers - Bryant McFadden
Atlanta Falcons - Michael Boley
San Diego Chargers - Igor Olshansky
Pittsburgh Steelers - Nate Washington
Green Bay Packers - Colin Cole
Minnesota Vikings - Matt Birk

Round 6
Jacksonville Jaguars - Mike Peterson
San Francisco 49ers - Bryant Johnson

Round 7
Pittsburgh Steelers - Byron Leftwich
Tennessee Titans - Brandon Jones
Carolina Panthers - Frank Omiyale
Atlanta Falcons - Grady Jackson
Miami Dolphins - Renaldo Hill
New England Patriots - Jabar Gaffney
Tennessee Titans - Chris Carr
Carolina Panthers - Geoff Hangartner
Seattle Seahawks - Maurice Morris
Indianapolis Colts - Darrell Reid
Philadelphia Eagles - L.J. Smith
Tennessee Titans - Eric King
Philadelphia Eagles - Sean Considine
New England Patriots - LaMont Jordan
New England Patriots - Lonie Paxton
New England Patriots - Heath Evans
Oakland Raiders - (Net Value)
Baltimore Ravens - (Net Value)
Buffalo Bills - (Net Value)
St. Louis Rams - Order filler picks
Detroit Lions - Order filler picks

AdamJT13 said...

He told me he was going to try it. I don't know whether he used any of the lists, information or early projections that I had posted. At first glance, most of his picks seem possible, but I still don't have all of the information I need for my final projections, so I couldn't say yet which ones are likely wrong.

Anonymous said...

Whats up Adam... This is ATLJBO from the Atlanta Falcons MB...

I just wanted to ask... when do you think you will drop your official projections ?


AdamJT13 said...


I'm hoping to post them in the next week or two.