Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Compensatory Draft Picks

Here are the 2012 Compensatory Draft Picks that were awarded by the NFL, with the corresponding player or reason for each pick --

3    33-95    Oakland    CB Nnamdi Asomugha
4    33-128    Minnesota    WR Sidney Rice
4    34-129    Oakland    TE  Zach Miller
4    35-130    Baltimore    DB Dawan Landry
4    36-131    NY Giants    DT Barry Cofield
4    37-132    Green Bay    DE Cullen Jenkins
4    38-133    Green Bay    G Daryn Colledge
4    39-134    Minnesota    DE Ray Edwards
4    40-135    Dallas    DE Stephen Bowen
5    33-168    Oakland    T Robert Gallery
5    34-169    Baltimore    DB Josh Wilson
5    35-170    Indianapolis    LB Clint Session
6    33-202    NY Jets    DE Shaun Ellis
6    34-203    NY Jets    WR Brad Smith
6    35-204    Cleveland    LB Matt Roth
6    36-205    Cleveland    DB Abram Elam
6    37-206    Indianapolis    T Charlie Johnson
6    38-207    Carolina    QB Matt Moore
7    33-240    Pittsburgh    TE Matt Spaeth
7    34-241    Green Bay    RB Brandon Jackson
7    35-242    NY Jets    DB Drew Coleman
7    36-243    Green Bay    C Jason Spitz
7    37-244    NY Jets    WR Braylon Edwards   
7    38-245    Cleveland    G Floyd Womack
7    39-246    Pittsburgh    DE Nick Eason
7    40-247    Cleveland    LB Jason Trusnik
7    41-248    Pittsburgh    LB Keyaron Fox
7    42-249    Atlanta    "net value" (signed 2, lost 2)
7    43-250    San Diego    "net value" (signed 2, lost 2)
7    44-251    Buffalo    "net value" (signed 2, lost 2)
7    45-252    St. Louis    draft order filler
7    46-253    Indianapolis    draft order filler


AB in DC said...

I'm curious, does the formula used in 2012 appear to be the same as (or similar to) what you've seen in previous years?

AdamJT13 said...

In general terms, the formula is the same. The order of the comp picks almost perfectly matches the order I had for those players' values, other than a few instances where the values were very close. I need to double-check all of my data to see whether the specific formula seems to have been adjusted at all.

At the very least, there were no surprises this year -- no players who should have counted but did not, no players who did not count but should have and no mysterious reasons for any of the picks' values (like the 10-year rule that was revealed just a few years ago).

Anonymous said...

How do you think things worked with Indianapolis and Kerry Collins? They signed Collins (10-year veteran), lost Clint Session and Charlie Johnson, yet got comp picks for both Session and Johnson. Does that might mean that a 10-year veteran FA signing does not cancel out any other FA losses for the signing team? (I thought it might cancel out, but at a maximum 5th round value.) I am wondering how things might work out with, say, the GB Packers signing J.Saturday & how that will effect 2013 comp picks. Thanks for your thoughts!

AdamJT13 said...

Kerry Collins did not count because he signed after August 20, which was last year's equivalent of a normal June 1. UFAs who sign after June 1 and are not given a June 1 tender don't count in the comp picks equation.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know your thoughts on the Atlanta net value pick. The total annual value of Edwards plus Kelly is almost identical to Dahl plus Koenen. -ct17

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply! I had forgotten about the June 1st rule with the shortened FA period last year and did not even think of that.

So, by chance, do you know if a 10-year veteran FA signing (before June 1st) cancels out any FA losses for the signing team at the signed value, at a maximum 5th round value (if the value is greater than the 5th round), or not at all?